A glass of ‘Irish’ please.

Above: Tradition meets future, Redbreast is a fine example of traditional Single Pot Still, character springs into the air the minute you open the bottle. Teelings really do embrace the Spirit of Dublin and their new Single Pot Still is a great step to putting Irish Whiskey back in the place it belongs. On your shelf!


The signature of an Irish Whiskey is the Single Pot Still Whiskey. Born in Ireland in the 1600s this blend was started by accident than by way of science. The British Government had put a tax on the use of malted barley to try and curb the alcohol problem among the chattering classes. The Government had not taxed the use of unmalted barley so as business will always seek to do the loophole was exploited and distillers began to use unmalted barley and created Single Pot Still Whiskey, by accident rather than design!


Whiskey today and the original whiskeys of the early days are very different. Today whiskeys are much more refined than the raw strong spirits available in the 1600s. It is only through many centuries of experiment, study and science that we understand more about the chemical reactions that make this amazing drink what it is!


Single Pot Still is associated mostly with Dublin. At the time the Distilleries would sell the raw whiskey to bonders who would finish the whiskey and then bottle it for onward sale. Two of Dublin’s most enduring bonders were Gilbeys who finished the ‘Redbreast’ and Mitchells who finished the ‘Green Spot’ Single Pot Still whiskey which are still available today but now as products of the Irish Distillers family. The third enduring Dublin Pot Still was from the Powers Distillery in John’s Lane.


As the Irish Whiskey industry all but vanished into the history books, so did its signature whiskey. For years it was reserve of those who like things a little special, Those who know that fashion is passing, but style is eternal. Today thanks for the foresight of the people in the Irish Distillers Group and now the new generations of Distilleries Single Pot Still is making a comeback, now the world is seeing what a whiskey can be.


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